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Release 1/1/2016
Format PlayStation 4

Data Bank Plus

PlayStation 4

Conveniently upgrade your PlayStation 4 hard-drive space. The Data Bank for the PlayStation 4 allows for use of any 3.5'' hard drive in lieu of the stock 2.5'' hard drive. Simply remove the top cover of the PS4 and the internal drive by removing one screw with the included screw driver. Then you can snap the Data Bank into place. Once installed the databank allows you to use any standard 3.5" drive which are less expensive at higher capacities than the 2.5" drives inherently supported by the PS4. The unit also includes a front facing LED indicator which illustrates when the PlayStation4 is accessing or saving content from the hard drive.

  • LED indicators illustrate when the PS4 is saving content or accessing the hard drive.

  • Uses any standard 3.5'' hard drive

  • Power pass through utilizes the standard PS4 power cord to power the drive

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Easy installation
Attaches onto the top of the PS4 console by only accessing a single screw - Screw driver included

More memory
Expands the internal capacity beyond the standard 513 gb hard drive for saved games and digital downloads

Sleek design
The design of the Data Bank smoothly matches the design of the PS4 Console

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