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Release 6/1/2021
Format DVD
Genre Drama

Eureka Stockade (1949)


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The battle of the Eureka Stockade in 1854marked one of Australia's greatest historical events, significantly contributing to thecountry's character and providingadramatic turning point to nationhood.Thealluring cry of 'GOLD' brings men flocking to Australia from all over the world, rushing to stake their claim on the barren, sun-steeped earth. Fearingthe gold fever will weaken thefledgling economy, the Governor and policeset out toharass the diggers, forcing them from the gold-fieldsto consider nobler and more economically stable pursuitssuch asagriculture and commerce.Pushed to the limit and fed up with their oppressors, led to revolt by Peter Lalor (Aussie screen icon 'Chips' Rafferty), the miners valiantly march to Eureka Hill to establish a stockade in fiery anticipation of further government and police intimidation.Little did they know the violence and bloodshed that was in store for them, markingone of the most notorious conflicts in the colonial history of Victoria.Produced by the famed Ealing Studios, also featuring Gordon Jackson and Peter Finch, Eureka Stockade captures the spirit of an age and explores the end of colonial innocence.

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