What is a Bomb Deal?
A bomb deal is an incredible opportunity to purchase something awesome at a fantastic price. The deal itself is either limited by time, or by available quantity. We like to have fun at BeatTheBomb, so expect some deals that might last several days, through to a flash deal lasting only 30 minutes. The key thing is to be quick, and keep checking back often to see if anything takes your fancy.

If I add a Bomb Deal to my cart, is it mine?
Nothing is guaranteed in life, however your Bomb Deal is guaranteed as long as you completed the transaction within 60:00 minutes. As long as your session doesn’t time out (i.e. 60 minutes of inactivity) the Bomb Deal should remain in your cart. Realistically there should even be enough time, should you so desire, to rush out and grab a cake to celebrate getting a crazy deal if your bakery isn't too far away.

I've just made a purchase and only been charged $1.00!
As much as we would love to tell you we've made a mistake and congratulations on your cheap purchase, unfortunately this is simply part of our credit card authentication process at the moment.
We're unable to save CCV numbers due to security reasons, and don't want to charge you until all your items are available (i.e. arrived from our external warehouse and in our hands), so we place a $1.00 charge initially, and when all your awesome goodies have arrived we finalise your payment.

Where is PayPal?! I NEED THIS!
We now have PayPal as a payment option, because you asked nicely. 

I’m a wholesaler, and have something that I feel would absolutely explode as a bomb.
We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at via our contact form

I’m a wholesaler, and wanna buy everything!
That's awesome! But unfortunately Beat The Bomb only sells to personal, non-business customers. If you are interested in wholesale, please contact us via our contact form

Are all the games imports?
Most of the games on BeatTheBomb are imported UK/Euro units, however all titles are 100% compatible with Australian systems.

Your Bomb Deal this week is INSANE! I want over 9000 units!
We are just crazy! Unfortunately however, Bomb Deals are only one per household.

What's the difference between a game that has (import) next to its name, and one without?
The (import) next to the title indicates that the game is imported from overseas. Import games are generally much cheaper than local Australian units, however are no different in quality. Our Imports generally come from the UK. Any import product we supply is guaranteed to work 100% properly with Australian systems.

Does 'insert special crazy DLC here' come with the import version?
DLC (Downloadable Content) can occasionally be region specific, or can also be general. If it's not specified in the description, then it's probably best to confirm with us if a particular DLC is included.

If I order an import unit, will I receive it on the Australian release date?
This actually depends on a few things. More and more video games have the same release date around the world. What this means is that sometimes we can't have an import product delivered to us from the UK in time for release day, therefore sometimes import products won't be dispatched until a few days after released. However on the flip, sometimes we are able to secure import units for release date!
We try and keep the 'Due' date up to date with import units, so you know when we are expecting stock. 

You've missed something in the FAQ!
This is possible! If we have missed something, please shoot us an email so we can ensure it gets added.