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Release 11/5/2017
Format PC

X-plane 11 Aerosoft Edition


Yes! 100% PAL (Australia/NZ) Compatible

XPlane 11 is the latest version in the flight simulator series for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. In this simulator, there is a whole world to discover. Thanks to its open structure, all users and enthusiasts can change every single part of it and adapt it to their preferences.
The Aerosoft Edition also includes the following three Airports: Lugano, Toulouse, Weeze!
The 11th edition of XPlane offers a much more realistic and immersive experience. A new rendering engine makes the whole world appear in a new light – literally. Due to “Physically Based Rendering”, illumination and reflections behave in physically correct ways and change depending on viewing angle and the object’s surface. This technique works dynamically which means that graphical effects no longer have to be prerendered. It was also developed with very good performance in mind.
In the completely redesigned user interface, the control setup, aircraft, airports and weather options are now presented with a visual preview which makes editing them a breeze. The simulator can now be controlled much more intuitively thanks to this well thought-out menu structure.

• Brand new user interface and controls setup
• New aircraft with 3D cockpits plus detailed documentation
• Now with over 3,000 airports with 3D buildings
• Airports populated with static aircraft plus dynamic airport environments
• New rendering engine for enhanced lighting and water effects
• New city scenery specific to Europe and North America
• Latest road placement and global scenery from Open Street Map

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