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Release 1/5/2013
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Genre Motor Sport

AFL: Premiers 72 - Carlton Blues


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When Richmond hammered Carlton in the replay of the second semi-final the case was closed - The Tigers were unbeatable, no matter who played them in the Grand Final. So when Carlton worked hard to overcome St Kilda in the Preliminary no one was getting too excited. But what we saw the next week will live long in the memory. It wasn't a Grand Final in the mould of others before it. Instead of being a tight defensive affair, it seemed that neither side was all that concerned with the other ,the main purpose was to kick goals - and many of them. By half-time the Blues had kicked 18 majors in fact. Richmond's ten paled in comparison. Try as he and his players did, there was very little Tiger coach Tom Hafey could do to stem the flow. Other than fatigue setting in, the Tigers were powerless to stop the Carlton's forwards Alex Jesaulenko, Robert Walls and John Nicholls as they went on their merry way, tormenting the Richmond defence. A seven and a half goal margin at half-time became four and a half goal difference at the final siren, but the only way the Tigers were going to get back into this one was to produce a second half like Carlton's in 1970 and having been responsible for that themselves, there was no way the Blues were falling foul of that sort of comeback.

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