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Release 17/1/2013
Format DVD
Genre Thriller

All Alone


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It was the perfect murder until they turned on each other... City slickers looking for respite from the overwhelming grind of daily life in Los Angeles hit a hiking trail in the mountains where they soon encounter Birch, a radical environmentalist camping on her own. Striking a chord with the responsive Maggie, the two forge a bond but as they push deeper into the woods facades are dropped, egos are stripped bare and secrets exposed. Just as the dynamic between members of the group shifts, insecurities soon surface and an agenda is raised. A murder beckons and everyone is implicated. Exploring the compromises inherent in trust, the fickle values of self-righteousness people removed from a civilised environment ALL ALONE is both a chilling and evocative study of the primal conflicts of humanity when left to their own devices.

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