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Release 2/11/2016
Format DVD
Genre Romance

Another Christmas Kiss / Nine Lives Of Christmas


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Nine Lives Of Christmas:
Marilee is studying to be a veterinarian. She's convinced that she'll find the love of her life after she finishes school. Across town is Zachary, a great-looking local fireman. He's a cynic who is convinced that he will never fall in love and get married. Ambrose, a homeless cat "with attitude" soon enters the picture. Ambrose finds a home with Zachary...and things will never be the same again. Zachary and Marilee's love of animals and a series of madcap circumstances bring them together over the Christmas season. Based on the bestselling novel, "Nine Lives of Christmas," by Sheila Roberts.

Another Christmas Kiss:
At a Christmastime event, Jenna shares an impromptu, unforgettable kiss with the dashing billionaire, Cooper Montgomery. Unaware of his intentions and fearful of getting hurt in another relationship, Jenna vows to resist his charms, but begins to realize his affection is real as the two spend more time together.

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