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Release 28/3/2018
Format DVD
Genre Cartoon

Barbie: Princess Pack (The Princess and the Pauper / The Island Princess)


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THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER: Based on the story by Mark Twain, Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper features Barbie in an exciting dual role as a princess and a poor village girl--two girls who look amazingly alike! The girl's paths are fated to cross when Princess Anneliese is captured and Erika, her look-alike, must try to save her. In this magical musical performance, two beautiful adventurous girls dare to follow their dreams and discover that destiny is written in a very special place: your heart!

THE ISLAND PRINCESS: After being shipwrecked on an island as a little girl, Rosella (Barbie) grows up learning to talk and sin with a family of loving animals: the red panda Sagi, the peacock Azul and the baby elephant Tika. But when Prince Antonio discovers their tropical paradise, curiosity about her past leads Rosella to journey with the prince to his castle. As she and her animal friends explore civilisation, they uncover an evil plot to take over the kingdom!

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