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Release 11/1/2012
Format DVD
Genre Health and Fitness

Element: Hatha and Flow Yoga for Beginners


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Yoga is a wonderful way to reduce stress increase strength tone muscle cultivate flexibility and improve overall health. Filmed on a lush tranquil location overlooking the Pacific Ocean these two 30-minute programs offer great variety for your practice. The Hatha session will relieve stress increase flexibility and recharge circulation as it guides you step-by-step through a breakdown of static poses using the strap belt or towel to aid in stretching. The flow session will build strength and stamina by taking postures from Ashtanga yoga and sequencing them into a simple natural flow that aids in weight loss tones muscle improves balance and calms mental focus. These two diverse programs may be practiced individually but are also perfect to complement each other in the same day. Enjoy both sessions as they create breath awareness and foster clarity between your mind body and spirit to help you realize your optimal potential.

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