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Release 6/9/2008
Format DVD
Genre Music

Missy Higgins: If You Tell Me Yours, I'll Tell You Mine


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Missy won Triple Js - Unearthed competition while she was still at high school. However, she rejected urgings to jump onto the music industry treadmill and instead chose to go backpacking for a year. Upon her return, she shunned the usual pop music gimmicks and toured constantly. As a result her debut album - The Sound Of White - became the biggest seller of the year.
If You Tell Me Yours, I will Tell You Mine is the first time that the full story of this journey from schoolgirl to award winning recording artist has been told on film. Through in depth interviews with Missy, her family and her bandmates, viewers are given a real insight into this young singer/ songwriter and her strong views about music and her place in the world.
This DVD includes over 60 minutes of live footage ranging from childhood home movies through to concert performances from 2004 and 2005. It also includes behind the scenes footage of Missy at work in the recording studio, on holidays, and on tour plus the music videos for Greed For Your Love, Scar, Ten Days and The Special Two.
From all of this exclusive footage a picture emerges of a young artist who is determined to remain true to herself and to avoid all forms of artifice. This is reflected in the direct honesty of Missys music and in her emotive live performances. It is a quality which may well help account for her extraordinary appeal.

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