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Release 6/11/2019
Format DVD
Genre Romance

The Tammy Romance Collection: (Tammy and the Bachelor / Tammy and the Doctor)


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TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR (1957)When pilot Peter Brent (Leslie Nielsen, Airplane!) crashes a small airplane in a swamp near the houseboat of Tambrey "Tammy" Tyree (Debbie Reynolds, Singin' In The Rain) in Mississippi, Tammy takes it upon herself to nurse him back to health. While caring for him, she falls in love. To show his gratitude, Brent agrees to take Tammy to his home when her grandfather is arrested for bootlegging. Living in a new town, Tammy struggles to impress Brent's family and friends. And Brent soon realises he's falling in love with Tammy.
TAMMY AND THE DOCTOR (1963)Southern sweetheart Tammy Tyree (Sandra Dee, Gidget) takes her search for love to Los Angeles. A matronly friend of hers requires heart surgery, and so naturally Tammy goes along as moral support. To cover her expenses, the effervescent girl takes a job at the local hospital as a nurse's assistant. Before long, she becomes smitten with hunky physician Dr. Mark Cheswick (Peter Fonda, Easy Rider). At the same time, she does her best to galvanise the romantic lives of some of the hospital's residents.

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