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Release 7/10/2020
Format DVD
Genre Drama

12 Pups of Christmas


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Canine therapist, Erin, is getting a fresh start - she's recently single and starting a new job in a different city! But just when Erin thought her new life would be the reset she needed, she meets her intense and self-centered boss, Martin. Struggling to keep his dog GPS locator company afloat, Martin expects Erin to help him save the company and find homes for 12 puppies that were left behind after a photoshoot - all before Christmas Day. As they work together, Erin realizes Martin isn't so bad after all, and Erin's take-charge attitude not only helps Martin save his company but also helps him get back in touch with his calmer, better self and open himself up to love with Erin just in time for the holidays.

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