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Release 9/2/2005
Format DVD
Genre Reality

American Chopper: The Series - Tool Box 1 (Discovery Channel)


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Get your hands on this awesome box set of Discovery's hottest show, American Chopper. Featuring 6 episodes complete with exclusive photo galleries of OCC's coolest bikes. That's over 6 hours of bikes, bickering and backbiting in one, complete package! American Chopper profiles the lives of New York natives Paul Teutul Sr. and son Paul Jr. of Orange County Choppers (OCC), creators of the world's most outrageous custom motorcycles. Follow the day-to-day drama of this volatile father and son team as they battle impossible deadlines and each other to push the envelope of motorcycle design and fabrication.Black Widow The Teutuls battle an impossible deadline, last-minute problems and each other as they build this one-of-a-kind Black Widow-themed motorcycle. Complete with spooky spider webbing on the gas tank, this chopper is sure to kill when it's unveiled at one of New York's biggest trade shows. Race CarSparks fly and tempers flare as the Teutuls strive to create a $150,000 chopper inspired by a NASCAR rig. After a slow start, Paulie's tame vision evolves into a voluptuous, sexy look including a "racy" fishnet-stocking pattern. BiketoberThe OCC crew finds itself under the gun with Daytona's Biketoberfest looming around the bend. This legendary biker bash is great exposure for the shop showing something spectacular is imperative. With only seven days to design, build and test their bike, they have their work cut out for them. Jet BikeJoin this hotheaded duo as they conceptualize and race to build their latest custom creation the intimidating Jet Bike, since featured on the cover of American Iron Magazine in time for Laconia Bike Week. Paul Jr. checks out the flight deck of the USS Intrepid for aerodynamic inspiration, then steals a few hours of relaxation on the golf course before heading back to the garage. But Paul Sr. isn't too thrilled with his son's field trip and worries that all of the bike's custom nuances the miniature cockpit, handmade missiles, reinforced wheelie bar will ground the project before it ever gets going. This is one jet that won't take off until these two settle down.

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