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Release 6/11/2019
Format DVD
Genre Documentary

Ultimate WWII Collection (WWII Lost Films: WWII In HD/WWII Lost Films: The Air War/D-Day: Lost Films/WWII Lost Films: Iwo Jima/World War II 360: The)


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From the British and French declaration of war on Nazi Germany on 1 September 1939, to the surrender of the Japanese forces on 15 August 1945, the Second World War saw the largest mobilisation of manpower and industrial might the world had ever seen and with battles taking place across Europe, Africa, the Pacific, and elsewhere, this truly was a global war of a proportion never seen before or since.

Using archival footage, contributions from those who were there and contemporary historians, recreations and painstaking research, these documentaries provide unparalleled insight in to World War II.

This collection contains over 29 hours of revealing content, including: Read more »

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